About Us


HannaLee M. 
Beauty Influencer
Makeup // Fashion // Health
Hello beautiful,
As many of you know I am a makeup and beauty enthusiast who loves
the fashion world as well. I live in Wisconsin and I'm currently self employed
running my makeup business, this boutique and other adventures. Me
and Anna connected as we both loved fashion. She wanted to get into doing
her own boutique as I was looking for someone to help me manage mine. We hit if off right away and decided to start "Style Lush Boutique". We are so truly
blessed with all of the support from all of you and hope to continue to bring you
new, fun and exciting styles. After all, fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself! 
-Xoxo, HannaLee


Anna B.
Graphic Artist 
Plant Lover // Fashion Fanatic


A little bit about myself,
I moved to Iowa in 2014. After moving I started working at a local boutique and the owner and I soon became best friends. She taught me everything I needed to know to be successful at running a clothing store! So thankful for her! I currently have a full time position as the marketing director for a hearing aid company in the Midwest called ASI Audiology (www.asiaudiology.com) During my off time and on the weekends is when the magic happens for this lovely store of ours! By supporting our business you are helping support my dream! So Thank You! *Fun Fact* Hanna and I's significant other's names are both Tyler so you have Hanna & Tyler & Anna & Tyler.. What are the chances! We are only 1 letter off!
-Much Love & Kindness, Anna

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